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What's the difference between a private theater and a regular theater?

Issuing time:2022-08-17 15:55

The difference between a private theater and a regular theater:


1、 Appearance

Private cinemas are also known as "micro cinemas", "movie bars" and "audio-visual halls". They range from four or five boxes to thirty or forty boxes. Generally, each box can accommodate two or five people. Each box is equipped with a unified sofa, and professional screens ranging from 90 inches to 150 inches. The viewing mode is equivalent to KTV.

The auditorium is the main part of an ordinary cinema, and the screen is the basis for the design of the auditorium. The size of the screen determines the capacity of the audience. The larger the screen is, the more the audience will be accommodated. The smaller the audience is, the smaller the screen will be. Therefore, the size of the auditorium actually depends on the size of the screen.

2、 Personalization

The audience first goes to the self-service machine to select the movie to watch, and then enters the compartment where the movie is shown. There are two large leather sofa seats that can be extended, a small table in front for food, and the light in the compartment can be adjusted automatically; After the film is over, the waiter immediately knocks on the door and asks if he needs a sequel. He can leave without it.

3、 Privacy

Private cinema facilities are very similar to KTV. The sofa seats are side by side, not in circles. "Good privacy" has become the most frequently mentioned word by most experienced audiences. It is especially suitable for bringing children to the big theater for fear of disturbing others. You can make any noise you want here.

4、 Multiple selectivity

There are more than 1000 movies in the private cinema's AV server, classic old movies and foreign language movies that cannot be seen in domestic cinemas. All film sources have purchased copyrights through formal channels. The Audio visual Museum also has audio-visual licenses, on-demand licenses and relevant business licenses. All films are 1080p high-definition digital film sources, and the inventory will continue to increase with the promotion of copyright purchase.

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