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How to adjust the seats in the VIP Hall of commercial cinema

Issuing time:2022-08-12 15:35

There were buttons on the right side of the VIP seat, which could be adjusted from left to right, and could also be used to adjust the angle of the seat. According to the needs of the body, it was easy to sit, lie down, and lie down, to ensure that everyone in a variety of environments can be completely relaxed, comfortable and relaxed. I can totally use the sofa chair as a reclining sofa bed, and it is really comfortable to watch TV series on the back of the chair. The sofa was soft and comfortable, making it possible to sit for a long time even after watching a 2-3 hour movie. The age of the sofa was not long ago. The sofa was equipped with a cup hole, and even a storage cabinet, etc. . It was extremely silent and stretched, and the phone was not afraid of running out of power, the sofa can also watch while charging, is simply a must-have good sofa. Attached below is a case diagram for reference.


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