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How should a home theater be decorated? What do you need?

Issuing time:2022-08-09 16:11

1. Home theater design skills of the room furniture layout, in order to get a better visual aesthetic, it is best to put the furniture in a comfortable and elegant area, avoid using symmetry types to prevent coloring when placing furniture. You Don't have to place everything that shakes easily, such as thin shells, light shells, or gold pictures. The vibrations can affect video playback in home theaters.


2. Thick carpet for home theater design tips. If you have a wood, tile, or natural marble floor for your home furniture, it is recommended that you place a thick carpet that can be moved to the floor. The thick carpet is noise-proof and sound-proof, so low frequencies are reflected from the pavement.


3. Home theater design techniques the digestion of absorption spreads, reflecting sound wave frequencies, if you are in a room with a bookcase, you can create a different type of size, some shelves have irregular layers of books on the floor of several different widths, spreading absorption, reflection and sound frequencies that can further enhance the home theater's audio and video effects.


4. Home theater in addition to the more professional system software, but also must have more professional home theater sofa, this is indispensable, comfortable for the body is the direction of a lifetime, so home theater, more professional sofa, it is particularly important. Can also be a good seat to watch a movie to create a great feeling, fixed sitting posture for a long time, easy adjustment, home theater sofa, can be electrically adjusted to your own perspective, a two-or three-hour movie, the sofa can be used for many daily needs, including drinking cup holders, cell phone battery charging, electric angle of view, including the angle of the top of the head, all of which can be well tailored to everyone, ergonomic Design Age is far from Peng, sit for a long time comfortable. Let the client watch a free video

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