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In the age of intelligence and quality of life, the cinema has become a must-have place for everyone to decompress. The home theater sofa has more features than the ordinary sofa, such as a touch-s...
The difference between a private theater and a regular theater:1、 AppearancePrivate cinemas are also known as "micro cinemas", "movie bars" and "audio-visual halls". They range from four or five bo...
There were buttons on the right side of the VIP seat, which could be adjusted from left to right, and could also be used to adjust the angle of the seat. According to the needs of the body, it was ...
Custom couches are important for the visual experience, but you also need to consider the size and look of your home theater, and the overall layout of your home theater. Cabinets or racks, aisles...
1. Home theater design skills of the room furniture layout, in order to get a better visual aesthetic, it is best to put the furniture in a comfortable and elegant area, avoid using symmetry types ...
A comfortable and tasteful movie has always been the pursuit of the petty bourgeoisie, as the saying goes, “A dog's nest is better than a nest of gold and silver.” I think for“Comfortable” once, th...
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